Kentucky Puzzle
Kentucky Puzzle

Kentucky Puzzle

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Standing watch in pastures full of bluegrass, these Kentucky Derby horses are ready for you to put the pieces of this puzzle together to find the cultural, historical and natural wonders of their home state. Look for Lincoln’s profile to discover where Abraham Lincoln was born. Search for a stack of gold to locate Fort Knox. Find the culinary delights of fried chicken, bourbon, and beer cheese. Hunt for Kentucky’s famous covered bridges, and the birthplace of the Chevy corvette. Discover the beauty of Cumberland falls, the Red River Gorge, and the Mammoth caves. Take in the unique sounds of bluegrass melodies and the beautiful patterns of the Paducah quilts. Spot the taters, tobacco, and apples of Kentucky’s farmlands. As you place each piece, let the colorful illustrations reveal new delights to see all that Kentucky has to offer. Happy puzzling!

+ 500 pieces 

+ 18" x 24"


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