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Leopard Warmies Neck Wrap


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This beautiful and comforting neck wrap is a wonderful way to relieve stress and sore muscles with safe and effective heat therapy combined with aromatherapy. This neck wrap features a shaggy and soft exterior with a tawny leopard print, and inside there is a special insert filled with cleaned and flaxseed, which has been dried to an exact moisture content, as well as fragrant French lavender buds. This insert heats up in the microwave and retains heat beautifully, so you can experience the soothing heat for relaxation and soothing sore muscles. It can be heated again and again in the microwave, for thousands of times, in fact. Simply warm for 90 seconds in a 1000W microwave and enjoy the soothing heat. You can also freeze it if you wish to use it for cold therapy. Made by Warmies, this neck wrap is about 17 inches long. Because of the insert, this should never be immersed in water or washed in the washing machine. Instead, simply wipe with a damp sponge or cloth to spot treat as needed.